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The Lord has certainly blessed us here at [your church name]. With His divine help, the lost have found salvation; the hopeless have found refuge; the distressed have found encouragement; and the forsaken have found a warm church home. Our God-given purpose has led us to minister to all — from the very young to those in their twilight years — in hopes of making each individual a better steward of God’s word. Our sincere desire is to use every means within our power to spread the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ....Victory Baptist Church, Millbrook, AL.

December 2010
Sun am  12/05/2010 Dr. Douglas Stauffer "Behold" listen
Sun pm  12/05/2010 Pastor Jeff Smith "Oh, Holy Night" listen
Wed pm  11/29/2010 Rev. Scott Jones "Day of New Beginnings" listen
November 2010
2009 AUDIOcasts
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